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Vitex/Pacific Teak Timber Decking

140mm x 19mm Solid (Limited Stock)

1.8 - 2.4
$ 6.00

Products in-stock at our distribution-managed warehouse can be picked up free of charge or delivered within the melbourne area will attract a delivery fee.

Product Details

Vitex has been widely used for timber decking and hardwood flooring in Australia and New Zealand. It is very durable hardwood and has a life expectancy of up to 40 years above the ground.


Vitex is beautiful olive-gray wood with a pale yellow to creamy-gray appearance. Vitex does not leach the same brown staining sap as Kwila (Merbau) and is aged in the same gray / silver color.


Surface is fine and marginally glossy with an even grain. The grain is tight, with swells and waves adding a stunning look to this usually styled, present-day flooring.


Over the last couple of years, Vitex decking has become increasingly prominent in Melbourne, primarily because working with it is easy and very durable. This is an esthetically pleasing wood with shades varying from golden brown to pale yellow. It is also very prevalent outdoor decking timber in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Vitex Decking is also known as Pacific Teak Decking.

Vitex decking has several advantages :

  • Vitex timber is very dense – 700-800 kg for each square meter – which means it is solid and improbable to gouge.

  • Vitex comes in conveniently shorter lengths and is very easy to saw.

  • It has a durability rating of 2, making it quite durable with an outdoor life of 20-40 years


Drawbacks :

  • There is a lot of silica in Vitex that can degrade ordinary saws. Try to use a blade of tungsten carbide.


Working Properties :

  • Cutting across the grain is easy.

  • Good characteristics of bending.

  • Holds nails well without pre-drilling but pre-drilling advisable to prevent splitting onboard ends and to prevent cracking.

  • Given the natural greasiness of wood, ultimate care is very crucial.


Mechanical Properties :

  • Vitex is a dense hardwood with an above-average resistance to crushing and bending and medium stiffness and shock load.

  • It looks much better if you maintain it well oiled, so you look at maintenance every 1-2 years based on where you live. Invest in a correct oiling bucket and mop and you'll be done in under 60 minutes.


We are the largest supplier of VITEX outdoor decking in Melbourne and we also supply to New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.


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