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Why opt for set lengths in Merbau Timber Decking?

There are many advantages to opt for SET lengths in Merbau Decking.

  • Less wastage

  • No butt joints in your decking

  • Quick Installation

  • Decking will look beautiful without any joint

If you use random lengths, you will end up having butt joints in your deck (which is traditionally where the weather can affect decking boards and break them down)

Many times people get caught up in cheap merbau decking random length price to save cost but they are unaware that they will end up paying more in wastage. So eventually they pay the similar price as set lengths without considering many advantages to opt for set lengths.

Merbau is one of the few species that we can provide in set lengths at Ligneum with best quality and Merbau Decking is one of the most popular timber decking in Australia.

As a timber for outdoor decking, MERBAU is a beautiful, warm, reddish-brown in colour and a gorgeous, natural colour variation, it is perfect for bringing depth and warmth to any setting. It's very stable, resistance to termites as well.

Ligneum can offer some seriously competitive pricing on various sizes of Merbau decking in set lengths.Choose from 1.8m up to 5.7m in increments of 300mm (i.e. 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm). Sometimes we even stock up to 6.0,6.3,6.6 meter SOLID MERBAU Decking Timber. We have reduced the gap between random and set lengths pricing, which allows for set lengths now becoming more affordable.

Whether you’re in the building or carpentry industries,we can supply you with your decking timber requirements. We also supply to landscapers and direct to public.

so why not check our Merbau Decking TRADE Price per linear meter and Stock List for your next decking project ?

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