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Which timber to use for outdoor decking

Building a deck is a great way to extend your home into an outdoor entertainment area in your garden. But you need to consider few things before you select timber for your outdoor decking.

There are number of options available to choose from and at times it becomes confusing. You will find cheap decking timber and also some exotic timber species like merbau decking.

We would compare it with buying furniture for your home. If you are buying cheap furniture then it will not last longer but if you choose furniture made from quality timber then it will last longer and it will also add value to your home.

When selecting timber for your deck, you might want to choose something which can last longer and look beautiful.

Why merbau decking is the best choice for homeowners and why is it so popular species of timber for decking in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia?

MERBAU decking is a top choice with homeowners due to the strength, renowned durability, natural warm beauty and natural resistance to termites. It is also an excellent choice for decks built closer to the ground.

It's dense structure and interlocking grain serve as a natural deterrent to decay, moulds and insects.

100% clear grade, kiln dried. It is high in quality and merbau is very sturdy timber and that is why it is often used in the construction and engineering applications. A proven performer of the highest quality hardwood decking material.

In regards to the maintenance, merbau decking is very low in maintenance. You just have to simply allow to weather and then clean, wash & oil to bring back it's natural beauty and warmth.

Merbau Decking timber has really good bending qualities and good holding ability when nailing. Sawing is bit difficult as wood clogs saw teeth and dull cutting edges.

Now you have a good knowledge about merbau decking timber and if you've choose the right timber for your deck then find out how to build your own deck.

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