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Timber Decking vs. Composite Decking

In the last years, it was easy to select decking material. All you need was to choose which timber species you required using and after that inform your builder to do the remaining or purchase it from any local supplier of timber and do it by yourself.

But, nowadays, when composite decking has arrived on the scene, it is not easy to choose between the two for some people. So, which one is better timber decking or composite? What is the difference between the two?

Unluckily, there is no perfect solution for every situation. Both the materials have their properties that will give advantage in particular circumstances. Hence, we do not offer you a fixed answer, but we can give you all the information regarding both decking to assist you in making a decision.

Timber Decking vs. Composite Decking

Let us see the benefits of both timber decking and composite decking in order to decide which material is best for you.

Benefits of Timber vs Composite

Timber decking is something like a natural production. A timber deck can last forever in your home if you take care and maintain it properly. The timber contains the natural beauty which you cannot replicate or duplicate. You can paint or stain the timber according to your needs. Or, you can select the timber species that attract to you and choose its natural color with a unique finishing.

Composite decking is not natural, it is present in a variety of painted or toned finishes and look similar to the natural timber. The manufacturers regard some of the main advantages of this decking is it is resistance to insect infestation. It does not require refinishing or painting as it is a maintenance free material.

Differences between Timber and Composite

Difference in Installation

Installation for both timber and composite decking is different depending on the contraction and expansion of the material. Generally speaking, the process of installation is almost the same while it is traditional composite or timber decking.

The composite is not as flexible as wood and it needs some supporting joints and fixings. Hence, it is made with a groove and tongue system that permits the boards to click on the place.

Composite is not as flexible as wood and might require some supporting fixings and joints. However, it is usually manufactured with a tongue and groove system that allows the boards to easily click into place, thus reducing the time it takes to install. supplies the finest merbau decking timber on the market at the most affordable prices. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a decking timber that will not only meet those needs, but exceed them. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service, first-class timber products and competitive prices. We guarantee that you’ll keep coming back time and time again for the best decking timber out there. Look no further for affordable decking timber prices ,request a free quote today!

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