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Merbau and VITEX Pacific Teak Decking : What’s the difference?

One of the nicest things you can include in a house to make it more unique, is a deck. Typically built outdoors, decks enhance the beauty of your house; especially if it is made the right way. That is why it is always necessary to choose your timber properly while you are building a deck. The right timber would not only increase the standard of your house but would also reflect your fine taste. There are mostly two kinds of wood that are used in decking– Merbau and Vitex. Let us find out about the differences and pros and cons of each.


Merbau is a 100% natural, 100% clear grade, kiln dried, reddish brown timber. In fact, it is yellowish-brown or orange brown when first cut that turns darker with the passage of time. It has a natural beauty that adds depth and warmth to any setting. It is also available in gold-coloured specks, and with natural variations of colours. It has a coarse surface but with a moderate natural luster. This high quality hardwood is known for its durability as well. Being naturally resistant to decay and termites, it is quite low maintenance. A simple weather silver patina colour or clean, washing or oiling will bring a Merbau decking back to its natural lustre. In case of installation, they have a good hold during nailing and a good bending quality. Merbau timber is best to be used for decks lower to the ground. Compared to similar hardwoods, this timber is definitely a value for money.

Vitex Decking (Pacific Teak)

As opposed to the warm appearance of the Merbau timber, Vitex has a pale yellowish to creamy grey look. It has a olive-grey or olive-brown colour that adds a detached but classy quality to the way your deck appears. Its texture is also fine and even as opposed to the coarse Merbau surface. It has a slightly lustrous, distinctive leathery surface that adds to its classic look of elegance. Vitex is a durable timber with a life expectancy of up to 40 years above the ground, but compared to Merbau its durability is second class. The wood is hard, dense- but cutting across the grain is easy. It has good bending qualities. It also has an above average crushing and bending strength and medium stiffness that makes it resistant to shock loads. However, since the wood is naturally greasy, it needs to be especially taken care of. Compared to Merbau decking price, this is reasonable as well.

Therefore, the choice becomes very crucial. You must learn how to build a deck. If you want your deck to have a homely, personal touch Merbau Gold should definitely be a first choice. Vitex works with more professional elegance that is perhaps suited more for a business setting. However, it can look beautiful in your home as well. Always do consider the rest of the way you are planning on decorating your house. The timber decking should follow that designing style. You should also be considering the durability angles and the height of the deck. Both of these exotic timbers are high quality- the choice is ultimately yours.

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