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How to plan decking?

Start the decking project

A deck is fundamentally your living space's open-air expansion. Free-standing or connected to a house wall, decking produces a room that is perfect for outdoor entertainment, as a children's play region or merely to relax outside. It also provides an inspired alternative to prevalent garden issues like slopes, or places where the grass will not grow.

Decking is versatile, permitting you to increase, or update the options over time, likewise as permitting you to figure around fixtures like trees or posts that you just cannot, or don’t wish to, take away from the world.

And you don't have to be compelled to be a carpenter to make a deck - a number of power tools, a basic kit and a few craft skills are required, therefore in most instances you'll undertake the work yourself. Simply make sure to arrange rigorously and check all of your measurements, each at the look stage and as you build. A second combine of hands are helpful too.

Interested in adding some decking to your out of doors space? browse on for our professional recommendation to assist you kickstart your decking project.

Decking Base Preparation
Decking Base Preparation

What do you want to use your deck and how large should your deck area be?

Are you trying to make an area to entertain and socialise? a district wherever your kids will play while not obtaining dirty? Or does one want decking for your bathtub or pool? Knowing what you wish to use your decking for can verify everything from location to what variety of deck boards you ought to opt for.

When it involves the scale of your deck, place confidence in the scale of your garden. what quantity of your house does one need to hide with decking? maybe you like the thought of decking as a low-maintenance different to a field. or even you wish it to enrich and work along with your alternative landscaping like paving and turf, so are trying to realize a balance that doesn't overwhelm your house. If unsure, go conservative once it involves size – you'll continually extend at a later date.

Draw up a straightforward set up of your house and garden, and mark wherever you would like to make your deck.

If your decking is to trim another garden feature like a bath or pool, then your location is already set.

Do I need local council approval or construction permit?

Building regulations, authorization for planning and local bylaws can be complex, subject to change and varying from location to location. That's why we can't give detailed advice on these.

We do recommend that you:

  • Check with your local council authority regarding your project plans before you begin. You will also have to consider few things before you build your deck.

  • Speak to any neighbors that your decking may affect. Neighborhood objections are the most prevalent reason for planning the authorities ' rejection or limitations. So give yourself time to chat with them, clarify your plans, and listen to any issues they may have before taking the next step.

There are various methods to set up your deck boards. But the most favorite design is horizontal deck boards.

Choose to lay your boards horizontally for the traditional look of the decking. Measure a maximum of 450 mm between the center of one supporting joist and the center of the next for normal right-angled wood decking. Set length decking boards are more appropriate for this set-up. Check our inventory of appropriate set length boards for your decking project.

How to calculate the number of deck boards you need?

Once you have decided on the size and layout of your decking, you will need to work out how many deck boards you will need to finish your project.

To do this, we give an easy-to-follow solution-a decking calculator.

You will need to understand:

  • The size of your deck region

  • The length of your deck panel, in meters (L for length)

  • The width of your deck panel, in meters (W for width)

  • The necessary expansion gap between the length of your deck boards, in meters

  • The expansion gap needed at the ends of your deck boards.

Now that the planning method is over. It's time to lay your deck and we have products to help you do every step of the way. Learn how to guide your decking project to the next stage in this article.

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