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6 Things to consider before you build your own deck

We work with very experienced landscapers in building decks and pergolas. Here is a guide to building your own deck. A general what to look for when choosing your decking area:

1. Is your decking going to be built over concrete or set into the soil?

If setting foundations into the soil you will need to have a minimum of 200mm clearance from the top finished height to the soil level (otherwise you will need to think about the excavation of soil).

If setting on to a concreted area the concrete is supposed to be 100mm thick minimum. (You can measure this by finding the edge in three spots and taking an average measurement).

2. Will your decking overlook your neighbors, and if so you should consult them first or think about a fence extension or screening options.

3. Is there an easement under the area you will be building on (this is a must check and can be found on your house plans). In most cases, the easement is 2 meter off either you or your neighbor's back fence. You can not build in this area unless it is approved by your surveyor or council.

4. Every decking area is supposed to have a permit if it is over 10 m2. We have never seen a permit been issued for an alfresco area yet. Concreted areas are usually overlooked when decking is installed on top. (In the excess height of 190mm from the concrete slab, please get more advice.)

If your decking has stumps and is over 10m2 you do need a permit.

If your decking is within 1m of a fence line you should seek council consent.

If your decking area is over 800mm in height you will need a handrail installed.

5. Costs involved.

An Average decking job including stainless steel decking screws and comes in at $90-$110 per meter square for the materials (Merbau decking boards in this example) Closer to $90m2 on a concrete slab and closer to $110m2 on stumps.

Screws over nails in our opinion, but using decking nails will save you approx $7.00m2

A licensed draftsman should cost $440-$660 to draw up your plans if needing a building permit.

A private surveyor should cost $600-$700 (to lodge your building permit)

If building over a sewer or storm water service, application to the service provider $100-$200

If your land size is under 300m2 you will need town planning permit from your council $100-$200

6. Staining your decking with a standard oil based decking oil will cost you $1.50m2 for each coat of decking oil. (2-3 coats recommended for the first time, and then 1-2 coats every year after or when it is losing its sheen)

You will need a deck cleaner product as well as $0.60 cents per m2.

Please take this information as our personal opinion and check with your local council before construction.

Now that you know everything you need to consider before building your own decking, check out our stock and give us a call to find all you need to build your very own private entertainment getaway.

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