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Merbau Decking Pricelist

90mm x 19mm Solid Set Length

1.8 - 2.1
$ 5.75
2.4 - 2.7
$ 5.75
$ 5.75
3.3 - 3.6
$ 5.75
$ 5.75
$ 5.75
$ 6.00
$ 6.65
5.1 - 5.7
$ 6.70
6.0 - 6.6
$ 6.80

140mm x 19mm Solid Set Length

$ 9.80
$ 10.60
$ 10.80
4.8 - 5.1
$ 11.30
5.4 - 5.7
$ 11.40
$ 12.45
$ 12.65

90mm x 19mm Finger Jointed Set Length

$ 5.20

140mm x 19mm Finger Jointed Set Length

5.4 - 5.7
$ 9.95

Merbau Decking Melbourne

Ligneum Merbau Decking is one of the leading suppliers of merbau decking timber in Australia. We have a wide range of solid and finger jointed merbau decking timber to meet any decking need.


We supply only A grade kiln dried merbau timber directly from our partner in Indonesia. Our timber is SVLK and Certisource certified to ensure that it’s sourced sustainably from legal supply chains, as well as processed in accordance to both Indonesian and Australian law.


With 10 years’ experience in the timber industry, we source only the highest quality merbau decking timber to ensure that our customers get the best decking timber available in the market.

We have been servicing a range of customers throughout Australia since 2016. From large builders to individual homeowners, we supply both retail and wholesale customers; whether you’re large or small, we can meet your decking needs.

Custom or bulk orders aren’t a problem. We can customise our supply to meet your decking needs through our close relationship with our supplier; we can source lengths up to 6.6 meters to meet all of your specific decking requirements.


Our set lengths make your life that much easier; easy and quick installation is guaranteed when using our set length merbau decking timber. Ensure a stress-free deck installation with Ligneum Merbau Decking.


Our range of merbau timber decking includes:

  • 90mm x 19mm Solid Set Length

  • 140mm x 19mm Solid Set Length

  • 90mm x 19 mm Finger Jointed Set Length

  • 140mm x 19 mm Finger Jointed Set Length

Price Guarantee Across Victoria

We cut out the middleman to ensure that we provide our customers with the most competitive merbau timber decking on the market. We’ve eliminated double handling and additional merbau decking costs, so you get the most affordable merbau decking prices. 

merbau-stock (1).jpg
merbau-decking-hardwood (1).jpg

Product Details


Merbau decking timber has excellent strength characteristics as well as great stability, making it perfectly suited to flooring. It’s best to be used for decks lower to the ground; it’s durable as well as rot and insect resistant making it a great choice for decking. It can last up to 40 years if well maintained so it’s a superb investment as well as great value for money. 


Merbau decking timber has an orangish-brown colour when freshly cut which ages to a darker reddish-brown colour, however, the colour between boards can be vastly varied. There are also small yellow mineral deposits found throughout the wood; they’re water-soluble and can cause staining of the wood.


The wood’s grain is straight to interlocked as well as porous with large pores. Its texture is coarse with a moderate natural lustre.


Merbau deck maintenance is easy and stress-free. Being naturally resistant to decay and termites means that it’s extremely low maintenance; a regular clean and oil will maintain its natural lustre. For advice regarding the best decking oil for merbau, speak to one of our decking experts.

Working properties

  • Sawing/Machining: Sawing is difficult as wood clogs saw teeth and dulls.

  • Cutting edges: Carbide tooling recommended.

  • Sanding: Sands satisfactorily.

  • Nailing: Good holding ability.

  • Bend Quality: Good bending quality

  • Finishing: Wood stains black in contact with ferrous metals or moisture.


Mechanical Properties

  • When installing, merbau decking timber has a good hold during nailing as well as a good bending quality.

  • It’s easy to maintain: A simple weather silver patina colour or a clean, wash and oiling will bring back the natural lustre.

Why use Merbau Timber?


Easy to install:

  • Good hold and bending quality when nailing.

  • Set lengths and finger joints make installing it a breeze.  



  • Durability above ground: Class 1 with a life expectancy of over 40 years.

  • Durability in ground: Class 3 with a life expectancy of 5 to 15 years.


Naturally resistant:

  • Rot resistant.

  • Insect resistant including termites.


Easy to maintain:

  • A weather silver patina colour will bring the timber back to its original state.

  • Clean, wash and finish off with merbau decking oil to bring back the natural lustre.



  • Sawing/Machining: Sawing is difficult as wood clogs saw teeth and dull.

  • Cutting edges: Carbide tooling recommended.


Merbau timber decking remains the timber of choice for so many around Australia. It’s durable, easy to install and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike. It’s ideal for small DIY builds or larger scale commercial builds. Whatever your timber deck design, we’ll find a merbau decking timber that suits your decking needs perfectly.


We work closely with our partner in Indonesia to source the best timber that’s available at the cheapest price, ensuring that our customers are continually satisfied. Your next decking job is guaranteed to be stress-free.


For quick and easy installation of your outdoor deck look no further. Ligneum Merbau Decking provides premium quality, cheap merbau decking in Melbourne.


Don’t hesitate, request a free quote today!

We Deliver Decking to Your Door


Need your outdoor decking timber delivered to your door? We deliver daily all-around Victoria and Australia wide. Our distribution warehouse is located in Truganina, Victoria.

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